Who We Are

With more than  30 years of experience now, Messaggerie Lovero is a modern, solid and growing company, offering high quality road freight transport covering mainly North and Central Italy, international transport, warehouse and logistics services.

Our headquarters in Gaglianico, Biella, host our main offices and a large parking area. They also host warehouse space including a vast bonded and fiscal warehouse, to serve our customers sending and receiving goods internationally. Our warehouse in Central Italy is located in Montale, Tuscany. From our facilities we offer, in addition to the traditional transport service, also warehouse and logistics services.

Our warehouse service is designed for customers who need to securely store large or smaller quantities of their goods before dispatching them to their final destinations.

Our logistics service includes complex management and sorting of goods which is highly appreciated by our customers.

We also offer customized services to deliver complex solutions addressing specific requests of our customers, among which we can count many leading international companies choosing us to handle their goods.